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We create cinematic-electronic music for

filmmakers and game developers



Based in South Florida, Shy Monster originated in early 2016 by pairing the efforts of composers Luis Paez and Hayden Blades. After Hayden asked Luis to help him write a score for a horror thriller, This was the catalyst to finding our musical identity and the rest is history. The duo continues to write scores for films as well as releasing their own music under the name Shy Monster.

Drawing influences from cinematic composers such as Giorgio Moroder and John Carpenter to synthpop stalwarts Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode as well as post-rock and chamber orchestrations by Stars of the Lid and Rachel's, Shy Monster digs its teeth deep in synthesizers, dusty organic sounds, progressive percussion and film nostalgia.




Shy Monster scored my short film Malabar: a freddy rodriguez film and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Luis and Hayden are a really talented duo, who understand the intricacies and dynamics of what makes a film work. On top of being total pros, they’re also really great guys, and a total pleasure to work with. I look forward to collaborating with Shy Monster on future projects.
— Freddy Rodriguez - EMMY & PromaxBDA Award winning Director/Filmmaker
They say a film is nothing without music, meaning the process of choosing a musician for your film is one no filmmaker should take lightly. Therefore, make the right call and hire Shy Monster for any music/sound needs. These guys absolutely killed it! It also doesn’t hurt that they are extremely professional, responsive and punctual. 3 very key qualities that are many times lacking in the film industry. 10/10!
— Alonso Aliaguilla - Director
Can’t say enough good things about Shy Monster. They were easily able to capture mood I was looking for my short documentary. Very professional and easy to work with. I definitely recommend these guys if you’re looking for quality all around. Check them out!
— Anthony Molina - Director
This is my first time working with these guys and I must say in terms of professionalism and quality. These guys were very good. They brought a sound I was looking for and worked with me when it came to payment. Highly recommend these guys when it comes to music composing.
— Johnathan Vargas - Director
Surprised me with a fun and quirky score for a short sci go comedy I did for a competition. Shy Monster is incredibly fresh and creative and would definitely suggest them to new age filmmakers looking for more of an electronic element to accompany their story.
— Ben Alyk - Director
Efficient, inventive and top grade sound quality. It isn’t a small task to give a film an identity through sound, but Shy Monster did it for us and I will be returning for future projects. Pleasantly surprised and extremely impressed.
— Zac Lockard - Director
Working with Shy Monster is a great experience. They are very talented and they have great flexibility with their work!
Their equipment and range of musical influences guarantee satisfactory work!
I would definitely be requesting their services again!
— Majdy Ferrah - Game Developer
Working with SHY MONSTER gave me an exciting unique approach to sound composition in film. I entrusted this dynamic duo with our film THE ACTOR, after only a handful of emails and one phone conversation. Very professional and responsive. Very easy to communicate and bounce ideas back and forth with. To top it off, in order for us to meet the last deadline for festivals they hunkered down during one of the worst hurricanes. What can I say? Class Act. Highly recommend. Their sound? Let’s just say SHY MONSTER’s sound gave the movie it’s soul.
— Bijan Daryani - Director
Amazing! Have worked with them a few times and every time it has been an incredible experience. Would not be surprised if one day (sooner than later) we see them walking up on stage to accept one of those golden statues. Extremely professional and very dependable.
— Rey Velvet - Director



Ether EP

Shy Monster’s 5th EP is it’s most ambient one to date. Having gone through the process of decay it floats on in the Ether.


Guitar Driven Electronic Post Rock, recontextualizing the idea of decay.


Shy Monster’s 3rd EP fusing synthwave, post-rock experimental with pop elements.

Purple EP

Shy Monster's sophomore EP is the more anthemic album leaning heavily on post rock and ambient synth elements available at all major retailers.


Shy Monster's debut EP is available now on any of the streaming services below. 


Equidistant Original Soundtrack 




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